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9:30am – 1:15pm


*exact timing subject to change


Targeting and Engaging the Next Generation of Fans
9:30–­10:15 AM

Fans are consuming content through a growing number of platforms with a increasing emphasis on the real-time delivery of high quality content.  How do sports properties best leverage innovation and technology to meet the ever-changing habits of the next generation sports fan? 

Data Analytics and Sports Performance
10:15–11 AM

The margin of error on the field has never been smaller. Player personnel and business executives will speak to the use of data and analytics and how they are changing the way teams analyze the game and how it is used to maximize athlete performance.

Future of Sports Content
11–11:45 AM

With the continued growth of rights fees for live sports programming, league and media industry executives will discuss the evolution of television consumption and future of digital and mobile video platforms.

Going Deeper with the Consumer
11:45 AM–­12:30 PM

Experts projected over 38 billion connected devices by 2020; a rise of over 285% in ten years prior. Tech and sports industry experts project ways deeper connections with their customers will drive their respective businesses forward.

Tech Investing in Sports
12:30–1:15 PM

From virtual and augmented reality to eSports, sports-related technology and properties are experiencing tremendous growth. Leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investors will highlight innovations that are shaping sports engagement, as well as where they expect to see the greatest returns.